Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Adventure Begins Tomorrow.

I have put this off far too long. Starting tomorrow I will begin posting here. The plan right now is to post a picture of the card and to say something about the player on it. Obviously some posts will be a lot longer than others. Right now I have 20 out of the 340 cards set. Every payday I will be picking up a few more cards. There are also some reprint cards which I will use until I can get the original card. A couple of weeks ago I saw a full set on eBay for about $7000. The odds are I will never totally complete this set, but the fun of it is in trying. I will not be posting every day here. The goal is to have two or three posts every week. There will be no set days for posting. Since I am a diehard Cubs fan I will be beginning with the two Cubs cards that I have. See you tomorrow.

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