Thursday, February 11, 2010

What This Is.

I am starting a second blog to record something that I have been considering doing for a long time. The main focus of this blog will be Topps 1956 baseball cards. I was born in 1956 and I thought it would be fun to put a set of those cards together. At this time I have one card and will be getting a couple of more very soon. When they arrive I will scan them and research the player and write about him. Of course the first posts will be common cards. I probably will never get the entire set because the cost of the star cards will be high, probably more than I want to pay for them. Posts here will be sporadic as I will only be updating when I have something to add.

The secondary focus will be other things from 1956. I also collect comic books so any that I find with that cover date I will add and post here. The same with any magazines that I can find. How far I get will remain to be seen. The first actual post will be soon.